Turkina Faso

The Menagerie project is based on the same name poem of Russian modernist writer Velimir Khlebnikov. This work combines my previous experience in art and commercial photography as the technical experiment and team work adventure to try to make the poetry visual.

«Where a blue gorgeousness fans out its tail, and a blue net of clouds is cast across the golden fire of leaf-fall and the forest green, and it is all shadowed differently by the roughness of the ground» V.Khlebnikov, The Menagerie

In order to realize this project it was not enough to use just visual images of animals described by the author, it was also necessary to observe the details, saving the rhythm of the poet, not to go away in a simple citation and primitive graphic lines.

Final pictures are based on the plot of the poem although when they were done they formed their own unique story line. The Menagerie photography project transformed heroes of the poem into the images which exist between dream and reality. Сharacters move from sunset towards sunrise through colour changes, reincarnations and from darkness to light.

In my work I examine the question of the interaction between nature and society, past and future, opposite and similar things. I'm interested in the problem of self-identification during the way from point A to point B and the movement from black to white or vice versa.

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Оживление Хлебникова на  w-o-s.ru.

Photography and video | Turkina Faso
Style | Asiya Bareeva
Set decorator | Konstantin Shilyaev
Model | Ksenia Shostko
Assistant and backstage | Anna Badukina
Editing | Stanislav Ivanov
Production | Sveta Muller /Picls
Location | Apollo Studio in Moscow

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