Turkina Faso


The Firmament photography story is based on the legends and myths of Caucasus (Russia). There are a lot of characters in ancient legends of this region. Many of them tell about relations between nature and humanity, there the first one has a lot of interesting properties and special meanings in everyday life and in the global process of creation.

This trip from the point of birth in some dark mysterious place in mountains trough fresh and quite forest right to the brightness of the shore. The hero of this picture in neither the star nor a human. It is just a reflection of the zeitgeist of the past and of the future. This process symbolizes the movements inside everyone who prefers to discover the world beyond the horizonts by himself.

When all the legends appeared the forest trees already existed there, the sea was a witness and was listening, rocks were just going to slide down into the water. And they all remain on their own places until now. Peoples of the old-world lived side by side with the nature, were very curious and careful. They followed it and were so good learners. They asked very difficult questions and always got the right answers.

Times had changed, but basic things remained the same. Everything is preserved and ready to be shared with us, but all you need to discover the mysteries of the past is to be quiet and listen. 
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