I love my job. It never seems like a job. It is more like exploration, experimentation, and experience. 

Things, people, places, light, water, grass, textures, objects, darkness, flashes, fogs, mountains. My favourite thing is to work with big teams. At the same time, I appreciate my time with objects when I work in my home studio.

Since I started, I have always tried to engage with different ideas. I tried so many things. I am honest about my intentions, I want to try something new all the time. And I can't stop taking pictures. 

Sometimes I think that it is done, everything was done. But after a few months I feel that there is endless possibility to surprise myself and others.  I love image making because I can become whoever I want with my subject and travel around the world.

I was supposed to be a doctor but quit my studies and felt guilty for many years. One day I shared this concern with my grandad, who dreamed to see me in a doctor's uniform. I said I did not feel important or useful because I just take pictures. And he answered. 'You know, what you do helps a lot of people because they can dive deep into the beauty you create, and it helps them to live not less than medicine'. I trust him and carry on.

I love my sister Alice, who spent years with me working on projects. I am thankful to my parents and my husband because otherwise, I wouldn't be as free and creative as I am.

I use my camera as a time machine, a tool, and a magic blanket. Sometimes, it works as therapy, but most of the time, it is pure joy.

I try to remind students that what we do is fun. We build worlds. And it is important to enjoy the process. I do.

(c) me in 1992 by my grandfather Nikolay on Polaroid    

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