Turkina Faso

Sea Moments

Life changes main roads, do not asks driver, switch lights, refresh signs, reduces and spreads bridges. And you like crazy just trying to keep in the lane, smoking nervously and keep an eye squinting.

In such moment all that you know about your past life - just moments. They become so surreal that all possible details and clarifications are eliminated. Pieces of phrases, fleeting smells, vague sensation on the skin, and the result - solid colour stain and heads.

It seems, every happening can names important has negative or positive meaning. This is misleading. The past is behind, it is unavailable like the future. What has been (or will be?) - this subtle still lifes, you can look at them, like them, but do not try to find details. It is beautiful.

SEA moments is absolutely happiness, thanks for everything and all. This happiness is in the colours, in shades and bursts. I wish to care this feeling for a long time, if not if not too firmly in my mind, then quite clearly in these photographs.

Agfa camera / 120 mm / Abkhazia / Vietnam / 2012-2013

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